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Drag bar

Drag bar B5000 is a device that delivers approximately 5000 puffs (13mL of eliquid) which lasts most users approximate 1 week of regular vaping. The 380mAh battery allows this device to last up to 700 puffs. With 2 disposables in 1 pack, vapers can experience double the flavour and double the puff

Drag bar


Dragbar 5000 tastes sweet but contains no sugar. Dragbar 5000 only gives you good tastes but no extra sugar intake. Dragbar present users with a slim and compact disposable device that is rechargeable via USB Type-C and lasts approximately 6000 puffs.

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Drag bars B5000 are powered by a 500mAh battery, which can be recharged using a type C USB cable. The 400mAh battery is built in and pre-charged to provide you with approximately 600 puffs. Once the battery life is depleted or the vape juice within the device is finished, you can safely discard it.

VooPoo has also released the Zovoo C1 Pod Kit which utilises replacement pre-filled pods that have a selection of delicious and mouth-watering flavours such as Watermelon Ice and Peach.


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